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What does Baz R Wang sell?

We provide ready to wear pieces, bespoke  and loose fabric. All of our designs are handpainted artworks by Rania, a dyslexic and gifted teenage artist!

What is bespoke?

Bespoke are our existing designs you see on our pages - but we only produce that piece when you order it.

This means you can either get the design as is or you can choose to customise. For customised pieces, please WhatsApp us at +6012-301 0770.

Will my design look exactly like the pictures?

They will look alike, but no two designs are identical. This is because our designs are cut from the same fabric, so please do expect some differences in the pattern.

The cool part is that no one else will have your exact design besides you!

Are your pieces limited?

Yes. We only print our artwork once so if you see a piece or fabric design that you like, grab it quick!

We do this because we want your clothes to be as exclusively yours as it can be. Think of it this way - only you and a handful of other people in the world share this piece together.

Do you sell your fabric only?

Yes, we do. Kindly contact us through WhatsApp at +6012-301 0770.

How do I determine the right size?

Please refer to the size guide provided in the product pages.

How do I care for my garments?

Please refer to care guide provided in the product pages.

Do you offer discounts or promotions?

No, we do not. The reason why is because our pieces are already set at its best price for you. 

That means no matter when you’re buying our pieces, you know you’re getting a  good deal!

What’s your refund or exchange policy?

We only accept returns if there is a defect on the fabric or the item received is incorrect.

Kindly WhatsApp us at +6012-301 0770 within 7 days of purchase. Please ensure the items are unused, unwashed and in undamaged condition.